November 2014


Paung Daw U Festival at Inle Lake

Paung Daw U Festival at Inle Lake - Myanmar (Burma)

Nikon D810, 70-200mm f4 Lens, 1/8 sec, f25 ISO 64

The Paung Daw U festival at Inle Lake is one of the most popular in Myanmar and the most popular in the Shan State. One of the most famous shrines in Myanmar, Paung Daw U Pagoda in Inle Lake houses five small Buddha images. Once a year, at the end of September or early October, there is an 18-day festival during which four of the Buddha images are ceremonially rowed around the Lake in a colourful barge accompanied by many other boats (with the famous) Inle leg rowers. The festival culminates in two days of boat racing. Fiercely contested between villages, it is one of the highlights of the festival.



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